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To our Valued Customers:

Over the years we’ve received many comments from equipment owners appreciative of the long service life of their MQ products and our ability to support earlier generations of equipment. For many of you, these now retired, or legacy, MQ models are still used daily on jobsites

What's New?

We are pleased to announce Multiquip is partnering with Vintage Parts, Inc. to provide parts support for legacy equipment. Vintage Parts is an independent distributor specializing in hard-to-find service parts for OEM products

What's Changing?

Beginning on July 5th, 2021 Vintage Parts will stock selected parts and components for many retired MQ models, enabling you to extend the service life of your favorite rammer, pump or generator.

When entering online orders in our SmartEquip system, you may see information appear alongside the item description directing you to Vintage Parts. These items must be purchased directly from Vintage Parts through their website www.vpartsinc.com or by calling 877-846-8243. Vintage Parts is not affiliated with Multiquip Inc.

Vintage Parts will only stock selected parts for legacy products. As some items are out of production, quantities are limited and will no longer be available once inventory is exhausted.

The majority of orders entered through our SmartEquip system will continue to be processed by the MQ parts team.

This partnership enables MQ to focus on supporting current products and maintain the superior level of parts support our customers have come to expect.

We appreciate your business. If you have questions, please call the MQ Parts Department at 800-427-1244 for assistance.